The Frontal Lobe Asymmetry Model and Consumer Behavior

Bottom line: This is a very ambitious set of claims and propositions covering vast areas of brain processes, marketing and consumer behavior. It is over reaching and implausible. However, it is also very appealing in the comprehensiveness of the model and it’s reported conclusions which support current marketing beliefs and perceived everyday experiences. It proposes […]

Behavioral Economics is Bunk*: The “Why” and the How

Behavioral economics (BE) was invented by a couple of very rich non-profit foundation heads and Boards of Directors as a personal and ideological agenda to defend the failed ideas of classical economics, mainly the rationality dogma of human behavior.  They accomplished this marketing and ideological goal by manufacturing false evidence supposdly proving that human behavior […]

Malcom Gladwell’s Ideas are Silly, but Silly Ideas Always Make Lots of $$$$

The problem with Gladwell’s generalizations about prediction is that he never zeroes in on the essence of a statistical problem and instead overinterprets some of its trappings. The reasoning in “Outliers,” which consists of cherry-picked anecdotes, post-hoc sophistry and false dichotomies, had me gnawing on my Kindle.  {Steven Pinker and below and from

Good Starter Biological Model of Brain and Behavior

Beyond the Computer Metaphor: Behaviour as Interaction – Paul Cisek, 1999 Summary We need to step back from the input-output metaphor of computationalism and ask what kind  of information processing the brain does, and what is its purpose.  The answer, suggested numerous times throughout the last hundred years, is that the brain is exerting control […]