Jerry Coyne Says Some (More) Really Dum Things – Again…….Good Grief!!

Sweet, weepy jesus…what a shame to see a good mind default to the dumest of human faults.  With Sam Harris leading the charge with his plea that words/statements mean something, Coyne acts as Harris’ lap dog by hand waving and wanting to really, really propose that beliefs cause behaviors.  The science says, at best beliefs are […]

Atheists Get It Wrong Again…Personal Religious Beliefs Prob Don’t Matter, Are Cheap Self-Medication and Who Cares Anyway?

Firstly, with no free will a medical fact, what ppl say prob has little, if any influence on what they do.  Esp, when the statements involve magical beings, powers and beliefs, like a god, deamons, the tooth fairy.  Our magical minds ‘say” we believe all sorts of silly stuff – mainly silly stuff.  But human […]