How Brain Science is Destroying Economics, Marketing, Biz and Just About Everything Else We Believe/Think


The total reset and tearing down of all accepted wisdom, including in the hallowed halls of government and academe is now mandatory based on brain research findings including there is no free will, consciousness and subjective experience likely being trivial and the continuity of basic biological processes of brain > behavior across all animals, of course.  Also, it looks like all behavior is “decided” (not really decided though, switches just flip) in 140 ms.  No time for any feelings or thoughts to do anything but be “post-play commentary.”

That will not happen for decades however.  “Progress happens one funeral at a time.” – and everyone is living a whole lot longer.  Likely progress has already slowed a lot.  Too bad.

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“I think/feel, therefore I buy” — Probaby Not


Here’s a good rule of thumb for brain stuff, psychology, econ, etc – what we all naturally , talk about, tell ourselves and each other and our subjective experiences, feelings, etc are probably bad indicators of how our brains operate to control behavior.  It seems more likely that the opposite of what we believe is true!  So critical thinking is really necessary.  It’s hard.

Let’s, briefly, look at our beliefs about why we ourselves, and everyone else buy stuff.

Pretty much everyone, including most economists, scientists, policy folks, business folks and marketers – go along with the naive realism view that the subjective experiences we all chat about cause buying behavior.  That is likely an illusion.  A set of illusions that waste a lot of marketing time and money. Continue reading