Philosophy is Just More Magical Thinking, Like Voodoo


The core (false) promise of all magical beliefs is everyday language-based “Mind over matter.”  and “Action at a difference.”  Praying, to some god, is just subjective reports of individual experience.  So is voodoo, belief in the tooth fairy, belief in free will, philosophy, etc.

Well, philosophy is just more of the same.  It presumes that words and everyday language matter to human behavior and explain the world.  Well, it doesn’t and never really has.  But, it is a very popular marketing/sales promise – look at religion!  VERY profitable.   Economists make the same false promise.


Cognitism, Philosophism, Theism and the Cult of Subjectivity


Brains science, animal ethology and biology have proven our subjective sense of self and Felt experiences, including consciousness, decision making, values, thinking, deciding, etc are mere cultural constructs and myths.  Yet, the Western value of the primacy of individual experience still dominates cultural and academic thinking are work. Continue reading

How Brain Science is Destroying Economics, Marketing, Biz and Just About Everything Else We Believe/Think


The total reset and tearing down of all accepted wisdom, including in the hallowed halls of government and academe is now mandatory based on brain research findings including there is no free will, consciousness and subjective experience likely being trivial and the continuity of basic biological processes of brain > behavior across all animals, of course.  Also, it looks like all behavior is “decided” (not really decided though, switches just flip) in 140 ms.  No time for any feelings or thoughts to do anything but be “post-play commentary.”

That will not happen for decades however.  “Progress happens one funeral at a time.” – and everyone is living a whole lot longer.  Likely progress has already slowed a lot.  Too bad.

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Philosophy is a Dead Language – RIP


The uselessness and irrelevance of what is called philosophy is obvious.

Fundamentally, philo is merely another example of magical thinking.  The core claim of magical thinking is “Mind over matter.”  Philo, like econ, etc, falsely promises that word/language-behavior (thinking, talking, etc) can both accurately describe the “matter” of human physiology and actions — or effect it.  Clearly a lie.  But before brain science, the best we could do.  Now, obsolete. Continue reading

How “Decisions” Really Get Made – Instantly


The research this picture is based on debunks pretty much all of our ideas about how humans, and other animals behavior.

This is a great simple illustration of how behavior is triggered in between 50 – 150 millieseconds, copletely unconsciously and likely without any influence of consciousness, thinking, emotions, evaluation, higher level process or most of the things we believe make a difference. There simply is no time. Neurons picking up stimulation compete to “win” and direct the body and behavior.