Model for Human Movement Triggered in Brain

Decoding Action Intentions in Parietofrontal Circuits  Michael Vesia Marco Davare Single-unit studies in monkeys have implicated specialized parietofrontal circuits in processing sensorimotor information for goal-directed actions. The classical model of the neural control of reaching and grasping movements proposes that: areas located in the posteromedial portion of the intraparietal sulcus (IPS) contribute to the planning […]

The Brain Processes of Reaching and Grasping

Decoding Action Intentions in Parietofrontal Circuits Decoding intended goals from sensorimotor pathways of paralyzed patients is an important feature for cognitive neural prosthetics. However, it is not clear which brain areas, or combination of areas, are optimal to guide the selection of recording sites and the design and implementation of decoding algorithms.  To date, the […]