Good Starter Biological Model of Brain and Behavior


Beyond the Computer Metaphor: Behaviour as Interaction – Paul Cisek, 1999

We need to step back from the input-output metaphor of computationalism and ask what kind  of information processing the brain does, and what is its purpose.  The answer, suggested numerous times throughout the last hundred years, is that the brain is exerting control over its environment.  It does so by constructing behavioral control circuits which functionally extend outside of the body, making use of consistent properties of the environment including the behavior of other organisms. These circuits  and the control they allow are the very reason for having a brain.

Behavior as Control – “”Behavior Is the Control of Perception.”
We begin with a fundamental premise: The brain evolved…The evolution of a biological system such as the brain is…a rich source of constraints for anyone theorizing about how the brain functions and about what it does. It is a source of insight that is too often overlooked…we should expect to gain insight into the abilities of modern brains by considering the requirements faced by primitive brains, and the sequence of evolutionary changes by which these primitive brains evolved into modern brains. Continue reading