Jerry Coyne Says Some (More) Really Dum Things – Again…….Good Grief!!

Sweet, weepy jesus…what a shame to see a good mind default to the dumest of human faults.  With Sam Harris leading the charge with his plea that words/statements mean something, Coyne acts as Harris’ lap dog by hand waving and wanting to really, really propose that beliefs cause behaviors.  The science says, at best beliefs are […]

Atheists Get It Wrong Again…Personal Religious Beliefs Prob Don’t Matter, Are Cheap Self-Medication and Who Cares Anyway?

Firstly, with no free will a medical fact, what ppl say prob has little, if any influence on what they do.  Esp, when the statements involve magical beings, powers and beliefs, like a god, deamons, the tooth fairy.  Our magical minds ‘say” we believe all sorts of silly stuff – mainly silly stuff.  But human […]

Jerry Coyne Gets It Wrong Again and Again…#1: The Atheist’s Fatal Dilemma

Disclosure:  My comments have been blocked from the Why Evolution Is True Site from the beginnings pretty much.  Also, banned on many other sites and censored on Maestro Pigliucci’s site Scientia Salon, the master himself moderates my comments and requests for me to stop posting occasionally.  All in good humor. Although I did make a […]