Preliminary Topic Outline for ebook: Brain Molecule Marketing: Neuroscience for Serious Professionals

Here is our preliminary outline of topics that will be revised as the project develops.  Comments and suggestions welcome. Preliminary Topic Outline I. Biology is Destiny 1.  Your Brain Made You Do It 1.1 Neural Systems and Getting Stuff in the Local Habitat (aka the Mall) Sample Text: All nervous systems evolved, were “created” to […]

Humans Evolved to Basically Walk and Do Endurance Work All the Time – Not Tweet

We mustn’t forget that those individuals [early humans] were also hunter-gatherers. They worked extremely hard every day to get a living. A typical hunter-gatherer has to walk between nine and 15 kilometers a day. A typical female might walk 9 kilometers a day, a typical male hunter-gatherer might walk 15 kilometers a day, and that’s […]

Childhood Neglect and Abuse Has Lifelong Genetic Affects – Sadly

  Tough times in childhood ‘mark’ many genes Adversity during childhood can affect broad regions of brain DNA in both rodents and humans, according to research. The findings offer strong evidence for a biological process that embeds social experience in DNA—affecting not just a few genes but entire gene networks. MCGILL (CAN) — There’s a […]