The Frontal Lobe Asymmetry Model and Consumer Behavior

Bottom line: This is a very ambitious set of claims and propositions covering vast areas of brain processes, marketing and consumer behavior. It is over reaching and implausible. However, it is also very appealing in the comprehensiveness of the model and it’s reported conclusions which support current marketing beliefs and perceived everyday experiences. It proposes […]

The Aging Brain

As predicted, white matter integrity was associated with probabilistic reward learning. [White matter is the structural infrastructure of the brain, not the processing part]. Specifically: increased white matter integrity in thalamocortical and corticostriatal paths was associated with better reward learning performance diminished integrity in these paths mediated the association between age and poor performance consistent […]

Pre-Frontal Cortex Mapping

Although the human brain’s prefrontal cortex (PFC) has been studied for decades, theories about a valuation network and a cognitive control network—both hypothesized to reside in the PFC—have only recently emerged, and their precise distinction is still unclear. Furthermore, cognitive control, once considered a unitary construct, is now thought to fractionate into distinct executive functions […]