Jerry Coyne Gets It Wrong Again and Again…#1: The Atheist’s Fatal Dilemma


Disclosure:  My comments have been blocked from the Why Evolution Is True Site from the beginnings pretty much.  Also, banned on many other sites and censored on Maestro Pigliucci’s site Scientia Salon, the master himself moderates my comments and requests for me to stop posting occasionally.  All in good humor.

Although I did make a dry ironic comment about JC’s shirt once, I just post on the latest brain science research I read.  That’s it.  I also ask probing questions of other statements.  I am direct and professional at all times, never an ad hominem or intemperate comment – wastes of time.

My experience is that website folks simply cannot tolerate the challenges to cultural and personal myths that just reporting brain research triggers.  Continue reading

How Brain Science is Destroying Economics, Marketing, Biz and Just About Everything Else We Believe/Think


The total reset and tearing down of all accepted wisdom, including in the hallowed halls of government and academe is now mandatory based on brain research findings including there is no free will, consciousness and subjective experience likely being trivial and the continuity of basic biological processes of brain > behavior across all animals, of course.  Also, it looks like all behavior is “decided” (not really decided though, switches just flip) in 140 ms.  No time for any feelings or thoughts to do anything but be “post-play commentary.”

That will not happen for decades however.  “Progress happens one funeral at a time.” – and everyone is living a whole lot longer.  Likely progress has already slowed a lot.  Too bad.

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More Evidence for No Free Will or “Thinking” and Behavior – With Abstract Tasks, Too


Brain imaging spots our abstract choices before we do — When it comes to making decisions, it seems that the conscious mind is the last to know —  by Caroline Williams — April 10, 2013

When it comes to making decisions, it seems that the conscious mind is the last to know.….electrical activity in the supplementary motor area, involved in initiating movement, and in the anterior cingulate cortex, which controls attention and motivation, appeared up to 5 seconds before a volunteer was aware of deciding to press the button. This backed up earlier fMRI studies…that had traced the origins of decisions to the prefrontal cortex a whopping 10 seconds before awareness Continue reading

Biz and Marketing: There is NO Free Will and Conscious Choice


The science evidence and facts are clear and consistent – our behavior is “decided” instantly and without any conscious choice, decision making or choice.  Time to start integrating this into business and policy – STAT!

Business, Policy and Marketing Need a Ground Up Rethink Because of Latest Brain Research


Take Away

One way or the other brain research is going to force complete rethinking of accepted wisdom and practices in business, policy and marketing.  It may take decades, however.  Maybe not.

Here’s an example of a critical challenge to marketing, business and policy theory and practice – no conscious control of behavior.   Also, probably not much influence of emotions either.

Pretty much all business and marketing practices assume conscious, control of buying behavior either through in influence of emotional drives or conscious thinking through of options. Self-reports, the fundamental data basis of most marketing and business, policy theory and practices, are the primary knowledge source.

However, the best brain science not only can’t find evidence of conscious control of any behavior, but there are more and more strong findings of purely reactive, instantaneous (in milliseconds), unconscious and instinctive triggering and guiding of behavior.  In addition, instinctive, reactive, unconscious social influences, like group-think and “going with the herd” are also prevalent. Continue reading