“Why are rates of schizophrenia and autism higher in males? New evidence implicates an enzyme expressed in the placenta that helps protect the developing fetal brain from adverse effects of maternal stress early in pregnancy.”

….the gene that makes the enzyme, called OGT, is expressed less in placentas of male than in female offspring. Moreover, OGT was also expressed at relatively lower levels in placentas from stressed mothers. When they looked at evidence of its expression in human placentas, they saw a similar pattern of sex differences…OGT plays a pivotal […]

Marketers Beware: Seeing Food Pics B4 May Kill Desire for Same

Instagram Is Spoiling Your Dinner  by Benjamin Plackett It turns out that those self-appointed ‘foodies’ clogging up your Instagram feed with photos of their latest gastronomic feat are more than just annoying – they’re literally ruining your appetite. Research published last month in the Journal of Consumer Psychology suggests the visual anticipation of that farm-to-table, […]

Phasic Dopamine Responses – Biz and Marketing Folks Better Know a LOT About Dopamine System

This is THE fundamental system for all behavior “seeking/craving/getting ” behavior and all business, duh. “…dopamine may act as a filter for selecting particular inputs, and thereby exert selective effects on corticostriatal inputs that underlie various behaviors.” The novelty response of DA neurones habituates rapidly when a sensory stimulus is repeated in the absence of […]

“There has never been…any example of an historic medical advance that now is widely accepted without a delay of at least 40 years (usually longer) …”

“There has never been, claims one historian of medicine,1 any example of an historic medical advance that now is widely accepted (like the germ theory of disease, or anesthetic surgery, or disproof of the efficacy of bleeding for pneumonia, or washing hands before delivery of a baby, or widespread antibiotic use) without a delay of […]

The Brain Processes of Reaching and Grasping

Decoding Action Intentions in Parietofrontal Circuits Decoding intended goals from sensorimotor pathways of paralyzed patients is an important feature for cognitive neural prosthetics. However, it is not clear which brain areas, or combination of areas, are optimal to guide the selection of recording sites and the design and implementation of decoding algorithms.  To date, the […]

Doctors and Marketers Specialize in the Same Thing — Human Physiology

Doctors make decisions, somewhat, based on medical facts about how the body and it’s organs work — so should marketers and business people. Like a doctor, marketers profession is understanding, explaining, predicting and influencing body physiology — specifically the organ of the brain as it determines behavior. Subjective, everyday experiences and everyday/natural language is no […]