Your Facebook BFFs and Likes are Bad for You

oh, oh! Social networks may inflate self-esteem, reduce self-control Users of Facebook and other social networks should beware of allowing their self-esteem — boosted by “likes” or positive comments from close friends — to influence their behavior:  It  could reduce their self-control both on and offline, “The results suggest that greater social network use is […]

The Wasting Economics of the Web – It Takes and Gives Nothing Useful Back

From the research we’ve seen for many years, the economic, social, personal and information value of the Web appears to be zero.   It captures time and visual searching and clicks but nothing more substantial or useful. It does so by, apparently,although  it has not been studied, triggering pretty automatic and reflexive parts of our brains […]

“Identifying Influential and Susceptible Members of Social Networks” – Science Mag

Identifying Influential and Susceptible Members of Social Networks June 21, 2012 A representative sample of 1.3 million Facebook users showed that: younger users are more susceptible than older users, men are more influential than women, women influence men more than they influence other women, and married individuals are the least susceptible to influence in the decision […]

Tom Anderson (NYC) Managing Partner Anderson Analytics (OdinText) – Another Linked In Group Bully (Moderator)

Yes, there are social media Nazis.   Linked In really needs to watch groups being started and taken over by sales people and online bullies like Tom Anderson, Managing Partner Anderson Analytics (OdinText).  He cleverly calls himself “Text Analytics and New Media Research Champion”  Yea, right!!