“Identifying Influential and Susceptible Members of Social Networks” – Science Mag

Identifying Influential and Susceptible Members of Social Networks June 21, 2012 A representative sample of 1.3 million Facebook users showed that: younger users are more susceptible than older users, men are more influential than women, women influence men more than they influence other women, and married individuals are the least susceptible to influence in the decision […]

Metaphors Make Brains Touchy Feely

Metaphors Make Brains Touchy Feely Conceptual metaphor theory suggests that knowledge is structured around metaphorical mappings derived from physical experience. Segregated processing of object properties in sensory cortex allows testing of the hypothesis that metaphor processing recruits activity in domain-specific sensory cortex. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) we show that texture-selective somatosensory cortex in […]

“Key ‘Impact Hunters’ Catalyze Hunting Among Male Chimpanzees” Sounds Like Type-A Sales Folks to Us!

“Hunting” is the basis for resources acquisition and economics.  Hunting of meat is a critical activity for all primates and especially human primates with our more complex brains.  So the physical and social dynamics of hunting are likely a template for higher level economics activities – like sales and marketing!  While hunting among chimpanzees is […]