The Frontal Lobe Asymmetry Model and Consumer Behavior

Bottom line: This is a very ambitious set of claims and propositions covering vast areas of brain processes, marketing and consumer behavior. It is over reaching and implausible. However, it is also very appealing in the comprehensiveness of the model and it’s reported conclusions which support current marketing beliefs and perceived everyday experiences. It proposes […]

Cognitive Dissonance – Devaluing What Doesn’t Agree

Whereas these experiments do not directly witness on the effect of music on human evolution, they testify to several fundamental problems. First, every cognition or a piece of knowledge contradicts to inborn instinctual drives to some extent (otherwise instinctual drives would be sufficient for making decisions involving this cognition; this cognition would not be useful […]

Marketers Beware: Seeing Food Pics B4 May Kill Desire for Same

Instagram Is Spoiling Your Dinner  by Benjamin Plackett It turns out that those self-appointed ‘foodies’ clogging up your Instagram feed with photos of their latest gastronomic feat are more than just annoying – they’re literally ruining your appetite. Research published last month in the Journal of Consumer Psychology suggests the visual anticipation of that farm-to-table, […]

Childhood Stress and Trauma Leads to External vs. Internal Focus

The Degree Of Early Life Stress Predicts …And The Shift From Internally To Externally Guided Decision Making:…Excerpted and edited from full article here Take Aways: Taken together, our neuronal and behavioral findings demonstrate that: High childhood stress and trauma Is related to lower MPFC activation during both rest and the self-oriented task. This is behaviorally […]

More Evidence for No Free Will or “Thinking” and Behavior – With Abstract Tasks, Too

Brain imaging spots our abstract choices before we do — When it comes to making decisions, it seems that the conscious mind is the last to know —  by Caroline Williams — April 10, 2013 When it comes to making decisions, it seems that the conscious mind is the last to know.….electrical activity in the […]