Description of Physiology of the Stress Mechanism

The Stress-Response Cycle The human stress-response cycle is a complex neuroendocrine response triggered by perceived or real threats from the environment or internal stimuli. The sympathetic nervous system and the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis are primarily responsible for the physiological changes associated with a stressful state (Selye, 1937).  The initial catecholamine response triggered from the sympathetic […]

How “Decisions” Really Get Made – Instantly

The research this picture is based on debunks pretty much all of our ideas about how humans, and other animals behavior. This is a great simple illustration of how behavior is triggered in between 50 – 150 millieseconds, copletely unconsciously and likely without any influence of consciousness, thinking, emotions, evaluation, higher level process or most […]

Practical Neuroscience: “Scientific evidence that you probably don’t have free will”

At some point business and policy makers are going to have to accept these scientific facts.  It may take a generation of old thinkers dying off, however.  The below post is excerpted from the full post here @ Scientific evidence that you probably don’t have free will Humans have debated the issue of free […]

How the Brain Handles Different Goals

The best-laid plans: How we update our goals based on new information Princeton University researchers have identified mechanisms that govern how the brain incorporates information about new situations into our existing goals…. updating goals takes place in a region known as the prefrontal cortex, and appears to involve signals associated with the brain chemical dopamine. […]

Behavioral Econ Debunked? “Surprisingly Rational: Evidence that people follow probability theory….”

The below research is a great reality check for people serious about human behavior. Just Wrong: Behavioral Econ/Finance We have been consistent and persistent antagonists to behavioral theories and esp behavioral econ/finance. (BE).  It has always been far more marketing and salesmanship, successful, than science and sensible.  It just makes no sense.  The most intractable […]