Childhood Stress and Trauma Leads to External vs. Internal Focus

The Degree Of Early Life Stress Predicts …And The Shift From Internally To Externally Guided Decision Making:…Excerpted and edited from full article here Take Aways: Taken together, our neuronal and behavioral findings demonstrate that: High childhood stress and trauma Is related to lower MPFC activation during both rest and the self-oriented task. This is behaviorally […]

Brain “Plasticity” Is Mainly a Pop Platitude

My reading of the bench science is that the emphasis on brain “plasticity” is mainly an ideological reaction to the increasing evidence for genetic/developmental determinism from birth of most brain functions.  So naturally, an active denialism has become popular. “Plasticity is just learning at the neural level, and learning is not an alternative to innate […]

More on Go/No Go “Decisions” – Slowly We’re Learning

Of course, neuromarketers figured this out years ago and are selling nifty headsets showing it on screens – in buying humans watching ads, no less.  Forget rats! The paper, published online in Nature, shows that the firing of two distinct types of inhibitory neurons, known as somatostatin (SOM) and parvalbumin (PV) neurons, has a strong […]

Frontal Lobes May Not Be That Important. Lots of Research and Neurocognitive Ideas May Wash Out.

Enthusiasts for human exceptionalism and lots of other ideas and research about how humans are so much better and different from other animals, have concentrated on what they thought made the human brain different and was bigger – the frontal lobes.  They all think!  Wrong, it appears.  Oops.  Big oops, actually. Human brain frontal lobes […]

“Research Questions Role Of Neuroscience In Leadership Studies”

We would question some of this but critical thinking is good. Take Aways “We find suggestions – that we are at the brink of a neuroscientific revolution in the study of leadership – premature, and a sole focus on neuroscience, at the expense of insights from other social science disciplines, dangerous.” “…it is too simplistic […]

Marketing and Thermodynamics: (Buying) Behavior and Entropy

Marketers need to think a lot more about the behavioral and optimizing mechanics of buying and thus, principals of thermodynamics! “Abstract Recent advances in fields ranging from cosmology to computer science have hinted at a possible deep connection between intelligence and entropy maximization, but no formal physical relationship between them has yet been established. Here, […]