“Chimpanzees have almost the same personality traits as humans, and they are structured almost identically…”

The research also shows some of those traits have a neurobiological basis, and that those traits vary according to the biological sex of the individual chimpanzee. “Our work also demonstrates the promise of using chimpanzee models to investigate the neurobiology of personality processes…The analysis showed that: the most fundamental personality trait for chimpanzees is dominance […]

Infant Instinctive Responses: Our Brain>Behavior Processes are Stone Age Old

Babies perk up to sounds of ancient hazards  By Bruce Bower Babies have an ear for primeval dangers, a new study suggests.  “There is something special about evolutionarily threatening sounds that infants respond to, By age 9 months, infants pay special attention to sounds that have signaled threats to children’s safety and survival throughout human […]

Description of Physiology of the Stress Mechanism

The Stress-Response Cycle The human stress-response cycle is a complex neuroendocrine response triggered by perceived or real threats from the environment or internal stimuli. The sympathetic nervous system and the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis are primarily responsible for the physiological changes associated with a stressful state (Selye, 1937).  The initial catecholamine response triggered from the sympathetic […]

More on Go/No Go “Decisions” – Slowly We’re Learning

Of course, neuromarketers figured this out years ago and are selling nifty headsets showing it on screens – in buying humans watching ads, no less.  Forget rats! The paper, published online in Nature, shows that the firing of two distinct types of inhibitory neurons, known as somatostatin (SOM) and parvalbumin (PV) neurons, has a strong […]

Frontal Lobes May Not Be That Important. Lots of Research and Neurocognitive Ideas May Wash Out.

Enthusiasts for human exceptionalism and lots of other ideas and research about how humans are so much better and different from other animals, have concentrated on what they thought made the human brain different and was bigger – the frontal lobes.  They all think!  Wrong, it appears.  Oops.  Big oops, actually. Human brain frontal lobes […]