#1 Cause of Death of ALL Americans Under 55=Opioid Overdose: 1 Story

True Story:

“A 30 year old woman with multiple health and mental issues, many related to the opioid crisis. When she was 13, her mom hurt her rotator cuff. Went on opioids. Got addicted and went to rehab. In rehab, her fellow rehabbers taught her that heroin was much cheaper so as soon as she got out, she got a full-on heroin habit. This caused the daughter to have mental health issues so it was off to counseling which kind of worked until mom started cashing in the insurance checks to get more heroin. Mom was missing most of the time until she died of an overdose when the daughter was 17. Daughter got into an abusive relationship which took years to get out of and suffers from PTSD to this day.”

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