“…animals are motivated to optimize their reward rate…they must find the best speed-accuracy trade-off (SAT) for both their decisions and their movements, and to adjust it to the current context.”


“…during natural behavior, animals are faced with a dynamic and continuously changing environment; and in such conditions, gradual accumulation of evidence is too Continue reading

“Alcohol use accounts for almost 5% of global disease burden, and the harm from alcohol use has been estimated to exceed that due to heroin or cocaine.”


“… identify molecular mechanisms underlying the choice of alcohol over a natural reward…We then used gene expression profiling to identify a molecular mechanism that mediates compulsive alcohol drinking at the expense of other high-value options.

Ape and Human Genomics

the genomes of the common ancestral lineage for African great apes likely underwent an expansion of segmental duplication more than 10 million years ago. These repeats of sections of the genetic code may have made great ape genomes particularly prone to deletion and duplication events, thereby accelerating the rate of mutations with major consequences that helped drive the evolution of ape species.

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