BTW, we carper bombed Vietnam in the 60’s and lost the war really badly…duh


Childhood Deprivation


“The most salient finding was that children severely deprived up to 6 months and non-deprived UK adoptees had similarly low levels of problems, whereas severe deprivation lasting 6 months or more had persistent detrimental effects on individuals’ behavioural and social development in terms of symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, disinhibited social engagement, and inattention and overactivity through to young adulthood (pooled p<0·0001 for all), despite the fact that they were raised in supportive and caring adoptive families. Continue reading

Americans are Very Religious and Believe Ancient Mystical Books are Facts


Unlike other first world countries, Americans express solid belief in the supernatural aspects of religion and the old books of their religions.  From Pew reserch; Continue reading

“Medgar Evers died on June 12, 1963. Malcolm X died on February 21, 1965. And Martin Luther King, Jr., died on April 4, 1968. Over the course of five years, the three men were assassinated.”


Phamous Filosopher Finally Reads Current Brain Research, Says – Oops, There is No Free Will or Consciousness


Sweet weeping jesus, mary and Joseph and the donkies they road in on!  The phamous filosopher Daniel Dennett apparently DID finally read something about the medical facts about human/animal behavior and the brain and “admitted” he was, well, dead wrong. Continue reading

The Human Brain Defaults to Magical and Paranormal/Religious “Beliefs”


It is a cultural The question for professionals in business, the professions and policy is do “beliefs’ correlate and cause behavior. For example, do beliefs correlate or cause consumption behaviors, medical, voting actions?  I haven’t seen any evidence, so far.

Study finds belief in aliens and religious belief share a similar psychological motivation
New research suggests that paranormal beliefs about extraterrestrial intelligence are linked to the need to find meaning in life.
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