Introspection Is An Illusion


An understanding of introspection sheds light on theoretical concerns involving the actor–observer bias, self‐enhancement, temporal distance effects, and the perception of free will.  People’s unique valuing of their introspections likely has deep roots, but this “introspection illusion” also causes problems.  It can foster conflict, discrimination, lapses in ethics, and barriers to self‐knowledge and social intimacy.  Understanding its sources and effects may help alleviate some of those problems. Continue reading


Freud Was Profoundly Right, Again


I wrote, essentially, about this same insight 3 years ago in blog post for Times of Israel.  Duh  Some useful historical info in the following article however.

“Every school of psychology has its own theory of the unconscious

“The eminent Freudian scholar Peter Gay notes that the ‘fundamentals’ of Freudian theory garnered ‘impressive experimental support’ in the mid-20th century… Continue reading

“Consciousness” and Free Will Just Silly Pop, Cultural Myths – Again


Here is a good, extended set of comments by the physicist, Sabine Hossenfelder, responding to comments on her post on the fact of no free will. Note she shuts down the comments in frustration with the devolution to stupidity – human nature “wins”, really loses, again.  All below is quotes from her.

“You can record objective information about a system be it a brain, the weather or a computer program. But you cannot extract knowledge of subjective experience from objective data.  The easiest thing to do is reject consciousness itself as nonsense that has no explanatory power nor theoretical mechanismContinue reading

Post Modernism: I Want My Facts, My Way


“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.”

Jimmy Carter, the “scientist” who believes in miracles.  How that work!? Continue reading