Why Math Rules

Here is a good explanation of why a factual and maths based approach works best in problem solving and getting stuff done! “What is mathematical biology? It is easy to get lost in the details and idiosyncrasies of biology. Understanding molecular structures and how systems work on a cellular level is important, but this alone […]

Parasite Avoidance Drives Social Behaviors and Culture

“The coevolution of parasite and host has not only influenced the evolution of defense mechanisms but also the evolution of social systems,” This research suggests that parasites, similarly to kinship ties and social rank, influence mandrill behavior by shaping social dynamics in their group. This study of the evolution of antiparasitic behavior is currently focused […]

Our Brains Are Hyper-Visual, So Too Our Culture and Tech

Below is a digest of a longer article on some findings in research on our visual systems, and other animals systems.  Western culture seems accelerating towards pretty much exclusively visual stimuli, adopting to our brain’s hyper-visual receptivity and processing speed.  This is largely from the research of Irving Beiderman at USC Take Aways: “In about […]

Tech, Populist Politics and Human Nature: Ugli, Let’s Be Honest, Shall We?

Good article edited below “How technology created a global village — and put us at each other’s throats Technology is an amplifier. It magnifies our best traits, and it magnifies our worst.  What it doesn’t do is make us better people. That’s a job we can’t offload on machines. If our assumption that communication brings […]

Introspection Is An Illusion

An understanding of introspection sheds light on theoretical concerns involving the actor–observer bias, self‐enhancement, temporal distance effects, and the perception of free will.  People’s unique valuing of their introspections likely has deep roots, but this “introspection illusion” also causes problems.  It can foster conflict, discrimination, lapses in ethics, and barriers to self‐knowledge and social intimacy. […]

Freud Was Profoundly Right, Again

I wrote, essentially, about this same insight 3 years ago in blog post for Times of Israel.  Duh  Some useful historical info in the following article however. “Every school of psychology has its own theory of the unconscious “The eminent Freudian scholar Peter Gay notes that the ‘fundamentals’ of Freudian theory garnered ‘impressive experimental support’ […]