The Selling of Hate: Start with Fear, Of Course

We blame Fox News but they just give viewers what the viewers brain want and respond to the most and most easily. What is that?

#1 – “A Dangerous World” [Fear, Fear, Fear]

“Many of these [daily reporting] updates came with an underlying message: that the world can be a dark and often dangerous place, and that it is under the threat of “radical Islamic terror,” as was said with emphasis on “Fox and Friends.” (That phrase is one that Mr. Trump proudly and frequently uses.) The message of fear would resonate throughout the day, in the London coverage and later in segments on the Maryland rape case.”

#2 – “In Other News, the Wall” [Hate and Defend]

“Mr. Carlson’s attention was on immigration, and his guest, Ann Coulter, opined that Mr. Trump should focus on immigration and a border wall. It wasn’t the first time the wall was mentioned. “America’s Newsroom,” Fox’s midmorning show, devoted an entire segment to the wall Mr. Trump says will be built along the Mexican border.

The coverage featured graphics, talk about how companies would bid for the chance to build the wall and a discussion about potential requirements for the structure, like “withstand assault,” “unclimbable” and “aesthetically pleasing on the U.S. side.”

#3 – “Where’s the ‘Outrage’?”

“Since other networks are determined to ignore it, we open tonight with more coverage of the horrific alleged rape in Rockville, Maryland,” Mr. Carlson said at the start of his show.

All week, Fox News had been covering a story of a 14-year-old Maryland girl who said she had been raped by two of her high school classmates, one of whom is an undocumented immigrant.” [Fake story, of course.]

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