Neurology of Violence, Partially

Testosterone Modulates Altered Prefrontal Control of Emotional Actions in Psychopathic Offenders.

“…the quantity of testosterone a person produces influences the parts of the brain responsible for regulating emotions…psychopathic offenders are mainly known for their planned and targeted form of criminality. They are generally classed as calculating and set to work with a high degree of apparent cold-bloodedness. Less well known is that psychopathic offenders exhibit impulsive behavior and experience problems in regulating their emotions. These problems often lead to difficulty in social contacts and police arrest because at vital moments, they lose their cool.

in people with psychopathy, this prefrontal region — necessary for controlling emotional behavior — showed a blunted response and reduced connectivity with the amygdala when they were engaged in controlling their emotional action tendencies. This cerebral pattern was strongest in psychopathic individuals with high endogenous testosterone levels.”

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