Wealth Inequality is a Sign the Economy is Doing Really, Really Well


“Inequality” is the oldest and most divisive observation about us, as members of society. There is no topic more burning than this today, and this is why the theoretical step advanced in this paper is timely. This paper uses physics to predict the natural occurrence of hierarchical movement and wealth on earth.

The hierarchical distribution of wealth on the earth happens naturally.  Hierarchy is unavoidable, with staying power, and difficult to efface…The physical flow architecture that emerges is hierarchical on the surface of the earth and in everything that flows inside the live human bodies, the movement of humans and their belongings, and the engines that drive the movement. Continue reading

“At bottom, evolution (change in flow architecture) is favored on the same physics basis in economics, geophysics, animate, and inanimate systems.”


“…systems…evolve toward…greater access and exhibit hierarchy.”


“…flow architectures evolve to “liberate” their flows, to flow better, longer, and farther. In the human sphere, the evolution of technology has the effect of liberating the movement of people and their belongings. The urge of every moving thing is to have more access to movement into and over its available space.” Continue reading

“…unexpected life events ranging from relationship stress to illness can lead to political polarization, pushing moderate thinkers to more extreme wings of their parties and political views.”


“Our results suggest increased polarization towards both the left and the right, with a slightly greater tilt toward conservative attitudes,”

Inequality Leads to Anti-Social Behaviors


“More unequal societies tend to have worse health, more obesity, more violent crime, more political instability, and more institutional corruption.

[also] economic inequality breeds mistrust and status competition. These have downstream effects on health and well-being in more unequal societies. Continue reading

The Selling of Hate: Start with Fear, Of Course


We blame Fox News but they just give viewers what the viewers brain want and respond to the most and most easily. What is that?

#1 – “A Dangerous World” [Fear, Fear, Fear] Continue reading