Hooray for Our Side!: NIMH Makes Understanding Complex Behaviors #1 Priority

Below is the statements about this. It is terrific that this is there priority and doing it from a medical and molecular,”bottom-up”, approach. This wil hopefully stop the bad “science” from the social sciences and economics – which are based inhuman exceptionalism and deny the medical and physiological facts. “Define the Mechanisms of Complex Behaviors […]

Counter the Frontal Lobe Model of Behavior, Supporting Motor System

Many human activities require a near-instant decision about how to react to a visual cue. Although traditional models emphasized a serial progression from perception to decision and only subsequently to action, this idea has been regularly challenged within the human behavioral literature. Furthermore, neuroscientific investigations have revealed that time-varying neural activity in the primary motor […]

Yea baby! “Progress in clinical and affective neuroscience is redefining psychiatric illness as symptomatic expression of [largely genetic and inherited] cellular/molecular dysfunctions in specific brain circuits”

The past two decades have witnessed a fundamental transformation in our understanding and conceptualization of psychopathology. Cultural, clinical, and scientific perspectives increasingly converge on a view of psychiatric disorders as dysfunction within specific components of the CNS, rather than ‘‘functional’’ disorders unrelated to neurobiological substrates.

Makes Me Want to Kick the Kat: Dual Process Theory of Behavior, Yuk

This is so stoopid – but easiest to sell. “The idea that cognitive processes can be divided into two basic categories— “intuition” and “reason”—is an ancient one. Today, cognitive scientists widely embrace this “dual-process theory” of brain functions, distinguishing quick and associative cognitive processes from slower, more reflective ones.” Source: Yale Law Journal – http://www.yalelawjournal.org/pdf/915_worf71kp.pdf