You Need to Know: 15% of the Bodies Energy Is Used by One Molecule.  It’s in the Brain!


Take Away – Most of the energy used in the brain is by one protein molecule.  Knowing a little bit about it helps to understand the brain’s structure and priorities.  Who doesn’t want that!?

“Biology is just a sub-chapter of physics.”  Adrian BejanEverything is physics and obeys the laws of physics:  the movement of things and the energy needed to drive that movement.  There is no appealing the laws of physics.  Biology and living things are just variations on the standard themes of physics; themes and laws mainly discovered in inanimate objects.  Life and biology is defined by movement and movement takes energy to drive it.  Thus, understanding the use of energy in the body and brain defines function and purposes.

The Brain’s Energy Budget

It is fairly well known that a disproportional share of the human body’s energy is used by our brains – 20%.  That’s a lot.  What is pretty much unknown being that one molecule in the many, many thousands or proteins that are at work in the brain are uses 70% of that 20% of the body’s energy.  70%!!??  This is roughly equivalent to 15% of your body’s energy is devoted to one protein molecule, and it’s accompanying functions, in your brain.  That is amazing.  So, what the heck is going on with this one molecule that pretty much runs our brains and behavior.  Sumptin’ we probably want to know about, understand and think (deeply) about.  It’s a bit complicated – so strap in.

Note:  There is a longer article, just ask for a copy.

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