Oh oh! Evolved to Consume Totally Selfishly…


New research in game theory shows that people are naturally predisposed to over-use “common-pool resources”…”At a Nash equilibrium, people selfishly select options that will yield the highest benefit for them, often to the detriment of their collective benefit.”

Evolved to Kill to Get…


“…violence is more common in species that are more territorial as well as those that are more social, for territoriality and sociality breeds inter- and intragroup competition for mates, food, and territory. And of course if a species is social or territorial, its relatives are likely to be social and territorial.”

Human Exceptionalism Fail: “Bees have good moods, too”


“Mood can influence our impression of ambiguous stimuli. Perry et al. show that such emotional-state biases are present in bumblebees, a finding that greatly increases the breadth of taxa in which such emotional influences are found.

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“Humans emerged from a very long lineage of species – great apes and before them the primates – that all expressed relatively high levels of lethal violence,”


“When you immerse an animal in a particular environment, it evolves genetic-based strategies for dealing with that environment. There is good reason to believe this reflects a real genetic or innate tendency to solve problems with violence.” Continue reading

You Need to Know: 15% of the Bodies Energy Is Used by One Molecule.  It’s in the Brain!


Take Away – Most of the energy used in the brain is by one protein molecule.  Knowing a little bit about it helps to understand the brain’s structure and priorities.  Who doesn’t want that!?

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