Is the Pending Extinction of All Other Great Ape Species a Warning to Human? Well, Like Duh?

So, apparently, we are a little twig on the bush of primates and the bigger twig of great apes.  Well they are all gonna die off pretty soon.  “Die off” as in go extinct.

There are No “Do-Overs” In Evolution and Nature
Remember, extinction is permanent, permanent.  There is no Rapture or reincarnation for dead species.  It’s final and compete elimination from ever, ever living again.  Nor can will Nature ask for a “reset”, respawning or “do-over” on the great ape body (and brain) type (i.e.,phenotype).  It’s the end of the line for all our direct ancestors in the animal kingdom.  Nature is not going to go back and tweak or reinvent the great ape phenotype and try again.  Nope.  Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, bumper sticker and sno-globe.

Next?  Nature has pretty much tried, haphazardly admittedly, the brain and body combo that is the GA model and they have all failed — ‘cept us.  So far.

All of the Sudden It’s Very, Very Lonely – our little Homo Sapien Sapien (HSS) GA model has eaten every other of our GA ancestors to extinction and built condos where they live.  Well done that!


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