Oh oh: “Study finds when making joint decisions, men need to prove masculinity, ‘push away’ from compromise”

“In contrast to men,” says Nikolova, “women act the same together as they would alone because they don’t need to prove anything in front of other women. Womanhood is not precarious and does not need the same level of public defense as manhood. That’s why we observe the compromise effect in the joint decisions of […] […]

Nature Hates Brand New: Nature Is Very Lazy and Keeps Old Evolutionary Adaptations Around a Long (Long) Time –

Many previous studies have shown that important evolutionary changes in animals have resulted from the gain, loss, or modification of gene regulatory elements, rather than from the evolution of new protein-coding genes. “Most of the changes that have happened during vertebrate evolution, as animals acquired new body plans and features like feathers and hair, were […]

Rules of the Road for Social Media

These are useful.  However, never let politeness and political or commercial “correctness” get in the way of the facts — however, inconvenient.  Incivility and and putting “psonalities before principals” just waste energy. 1. “When criticizing a colleague, try to begin your critique with something appreciative and positive—-or at least neutral–such as, “Dr. X. raises some […]