“If intelligence is good for every environment, we would see a trend in the encephalization quotient among all organisms as a function of time. The data does not show that.”

The evidence on Earth points to exactly the opposite conclusion. Earth had independent experiments in evolution thanks to continental drift. New Zealand, Madagascar, India, South America… half a dozen experiments over 10, 20, 50, even 100 million years of independent evolution did not produce anything that was more human-like than when it started. So it’s […]

America HATES Science and REALLY HATES Brain Science

“Popular science” is an oxymoron.  “Educating” the general public has caused more blowback and threats to science and scientists then helped problem-solving- especially in America.  America loves magic and of course, magic always sells best.  Europeans, South Americans and Asian cultures are a bit more accepting. How We Really See Scientists We think of scientists […]

All Behavior is Instinctive and Automatic

“Efference binding links perceptual processing to action/motor processing. This kind of stimulus-response binding is mediated unconsciously in actions such as reflexive pain withdrawal or reflexive inhalation. In learned behavior, efference binding allows one to press a button when presented with an arbitrary cue. Such a form of binding can be learned quickly (e.g., from a […]

“Genetic factors…”explain around 25 percent of the differences in the age when people start to have sex”.

The genes likely influence such factors as the age at which puberty hits, and whether or not you posses a risk-taking personality. Previous research had shown that people who start having sex at a young age are more likely to underperform at school and have poorer physical and mental health. Early onset puberty has been […]