The Principals of Modern Biology

Any analysis of behavior in any species and any setting must adhere to these principals. 1.Evidence-Based – Evolutionary biology is ruled by few logical principles, each of which has repeatedly withstood rigorous empirical and observational testing and challenges. These principles are the basis for modern medicine and organic chemistry and biological sciences. 2. Scalability – […]

“”The more attention you pay to a stimulus, the better your visual perception is and the more effective your visual cortex is at processing that stimulus. Another factor is the reward value of a stimulus: when a visual signal becomes associated with a reward, it affects our processing of that visual signal.”

“…information about rewards is being sent to the visual cortex to indicate which stimuli have been associated with rewards…reward-only trials were found to strengthen the cue-reward associations…rewards can be associated with stimuli over longer time scales than previously thought… a reward signal is being sent to the visual cortex via dopamine,”