Vid Gamers Brains Are Different

“…the brains of compulsive video game players are wired differently…hyperconnectivity between several pairs of brain networks…associated with distractibility and poor impulse control.”

“…certain brain networks that process vision or hearing are more likely to have enhanced coordination to the so-called salience network. The job of the salience network is to focus attention on important events, poising that person to take action….could help a gamer to react more quickly…”

“Hyperconnectivity between these brain networks could lead to a more robust ability to direct attention toward targets, and to recognize novel information in the environment…The changes could essentially help someone to think more efficiently.”

“Having these networks be too connected may increase distractibility,” …The same change is seen in patients with neuropsychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia, Down’s syndrome, and autism, and in people with poor impulse control.

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