“Most people mistake their own perspective, shaped by their subjective and limited perception, for the absolute reality of the external world…Recognizing the limitations of our senses and the subjectivity of our experiences is the only route to transcending them…It demands that we make a deliberate and consistent effort to step out of our familiar frames of reference. Only then can we synthesize different perspectives, observations, and experiences — the very act at the heart of creativity, which will be essential to solving the increasingly complex problems that beset our world.”

Kinda Like Pot?: How Oxytocin Works – At the Molecular Level –

The mammalian central nervous system is studded with receptors that bind with a small number of endogenous cannabinoids, as well as those found in marijuana. Marijuana is known to promote heightened social connection, but the mechanism for this phenomenon was not well understood. According to a paper published it is social interaction between mice plus […]

“Nurture” Don’t Matter: The appeal to nurture is just classic denial, avoidance and disassociation of the biological facts causing behavior

The appeal to “nurture” as a cause of behavior is nothing more than a sentimental appeal to magical belief in “conscious” control of the biology which determines behavior. A biology that is immune to any conscious awareness, let alone influence and control.