“Researchers find gene associated with thinking skills”


An international team of researchers…has identified a gene that underlies healthy information processing—a first step on a complicated road to understand cognitive aging and age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Continue reading


Data: Bullies, aka Weird White Guys, Control and Have Killed the Web – “Not surprisingly, women and minorities have it worst. “


In unpoliced environments, weird white guys take over.  Look at Donald Trump

“Fully 40 percent of online users have experienced bullying, harassment and intimidation, according to Pew Research[3]. Some 70 percent of users between age 18 and 24 say they’ve been the target of harassers.”

..to attract more mainstream audiences and bring in the big-budget advertisers, you must hide or remove the ugly.

“For Reddit to become something resembling a viable business, it has to make money, and that means making the bigots and stalkers and imbeciles feel less welcome—how many firms will do business with the company that pays to keep /r/GasTheKikes running?”

Hi Sex, Hi Booze = Symptoms of Unbalanced Brains


Imbalance in the activation of two brain areas, the ventral striatum (VS on vertical scale) and the amygdala, predicts problem drinking in university students who are dealing with stress. The same two brain areas also predict the number of new sexual partners a person will have several months after his or her brain scan….the reward-seeking ventral striatum and the threat-assessing amygdala.

…low ventral striatum and high amygdala activity—predicted problem drinking in response to stress both at the time of the scan and three months after. Continue reading