Music Tastes Determined By Empathy Vs. Systemitizing

“People who scored high on empathy tended to prefer mellow music (from R&B, soft rock, and adult contemporary genres), unpretentious music (from country, folk, and singer/songwriter genres) and contemporary music (from electronica, Latin, acid jazz, and Euro pop). They disliked intense music, such as punk and heavy metal. In contrast, people who scored high on […]

Data: Bullies, aka Weird White Guys, Control and Have Killed the Web – “Not surprisingly, women and minorities have it worst. “

In unpoliced environments, weird white guys take over.  Look at Donald Trump “Fully 40 percent of online users have experienced bullying, harassment and intimidation, according to Pew Research[3]. Some 70 percent of users between age 18 and 24 say they’ve been the target of harassers.” attract more mainstream audiences and bring in the big-budget […]