Creativity – “The more you think about it, the more you mess it up,”

“We found that activation of the brain’s executive-control centers — the parts of the brain that enable you to plan, organize and manage your activities — is negatively associated with creative task performance,” Unexpected brain structures tied to creativity, and to stifling it — ScienceDaily Investigators at Stanford University have found a surprising link between […]

“People with fewer friends on Facebook raise more money for charity than those with lots of connections…found a negative correlation between the size of a group and the amount of money given by each donor – with the average contribution by each person dropping for every extra connection someone had on Facebook. This research builds on and supports earlier analytical findings…that finds large social groups are less likely to share information about charitable causes when compared to those who are part of smaller circles – and that this results in less fundraising success.”

“..females almost always evolved preferences for highly competitive males, even if mating with uncompetitive but caring males would have resulted in more offspring. These preferences, in turn, fuelled the males’ arm’s race towards higher and higher levels of competitiveness…In stressful times, like periods of food shortage, this process can even lead to population extinction, since the investment in competition exceeds the value of the resources.”

Oh Oh!: Most Amygdala Studies of Emotions May be Wrong. The “Blobology” of fMRI Fatally Flawed?

“This discovery..casts doubt on previous findings on amygdala function that rely solely on fMRI as evidence…“amygdala activations” reported in typical fMRI studies are likely confounded by signals originating in the BVR rather than in the amygdala itself, thus raising concerns about many conclusions on the functioning of the amygdala that rely on fMRI evidence alone..” […]