Tool Making: ” humans have elaborated upon a technical ability that is latent among all the apes”

Stone tools now 3.3 million years old 15 Apr 2015 Sonia Harmand presented a talk at the Paleoanthropology Society meeting this week describing her team’s discovery of stone tools in a 3.3-million-year-old context…The obvious implication is that stone tools were invented and used by multiple lineages of early hominins. Just as there were different styles […]

Geeky Details in Dopamine System and Mental Illness

Regulation Of Dopamine System Responsivity And Its Adaptive And Pathological Response To Stress. Proc. R. Soc. B 282 2014 Anthony A. Grace The dopamine system can play distinct roles in stress and psychiatric disorders. It is hypothesized that, even though the dopamine (DA) system forms the basis for a number of psychiatric disorders, the pathology […]

“… males with higher ‘reproductive potential’ are better distance runners”

Persistence hunting may have been one of the most efficient forms of hunting, and as a consequence may have shaped human evolution. “The observation that endurance running ability is connected to reproductive potential in men suggests that women in our hunter-gatherer past were able to observe running as a signal for a good breeding partner.” […]

Oh oh “studies show that music can impair performance in a wide variety of cognitive and behavioural tasks… in contrast to previous research showing beneficial effects of music exposure on autobiographical recall in older adults…”

Previous research has shown that music exposure can impair a wide variety of cognitive and behavioural performance… A significant reduction in source memory was observed following music exposure, a reduction that was more pronounced for older adults than for younger adults. This pattern was significantly correlated with performance on an executive binding task. The exposure […]