Video Gaming Probably Better Than Commercial “Brain Training” Scams – Like Lumosity

I really want to do class-action lawsuit against the the Lumosity hucksters – some day.

Favourable effects of frequent video game playing have also been observed. It has been shown that action video game playing can enhance probabilistic inferences, as well as visual skills related to attention, memory and the spatial resolution of vision. Furthermore, improvements in higher-level cognitive functions such as task switching, working memory and reasoning have been associated with improvements in a strategic video game.

Additionally, video games have been shown to enhance spatial skills and motor skills, such as endoscopic surgical performance. Brain mapping studies have established that extensive experi- ence with certain skills can alter brain activity during performance and enlarge brain structures typically engaged by a given activity. Variations in brain structure have been associated with a broad spectrum of skills such as taxi driving, juggling, studying for medical exams, keyboard typing, morse-code and musical skills.

A robust positive association between cortical thickness and video gaming duration was observed in left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) and left frontal eye fields (FEFs). No regions showed cortical thinning in association with video gaming frequency. DLPFC is the core correlate of executive control and strategic planning which in turn are essential cognitive domains for successful video gaming. The FEFs are a key region involved in visuo-motor integration important for programming and execution of eye movements and allocation of visuo-spatial attention, processes engaged extensively in video games.

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