The Zombie, UnDead Professions and Bodies of “Knowledge”: Economics/Finance, Philosophy, Biz/Finance, Law, the Humanities and Social Sciences

The latest brain science has killed the dominant, and very old fashioned, professional and academic models of how behavior is caused making them obsolete and in need or total bottom-up reformulations. They are the walking dead and zombies of human knowledge and practice.  These ways of, supposdly, understanding human actions  are stumbling and fumbling without any “brains” (-science) to really inform their behavior, driven on the decaying  ideas of the past and attacking and consuming “living” activities making them undead as well.  Ugg

This analogy could be expanded and be fun but we’ll stop here, for now. lol

The medical facts are clear. There is no such thing as free will and behavior is “decided” in roughly 140-200 milliseconds. The models, then, of human behavior that presume and implicitly assume the truth of cultural beliefs in consciousness, decision making values, cognition, thinking, deciding, logic, etc and all the ideas-claims that supposedly make humans exceptional in our conscious control of behavior. Nope, t’ain’t true.

There are two streams of peer-reviewed physiological and medical evidence coming together. The first is the uniform and consistent increasing evidence for no free will. This started with the work of Libet but has been elaborated over more then ten years of bench science.

More recent are alternative models for how behavior is actually triggered and guided in humans and other animals. This research proves that the causes of behavior are an instantaneous and reactive, instinctive, unconscious and non-verbal processes.

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