A “beautiful” theory is a set of predictions that assume very few variables and produces lots of (reproducible) results.


Someday….we will be able to describe and predict behavior with an equation similar to that used for the standard model of physics…


We need this –

The jump to universality (as described by David Deutsch in his book; The Beginning of Infinity), is a wonderful concept and one that makes sense. The idea is that an application for something – be it technology, biology or language – can never become truly universal until a moment (or jump) happens that brings forth an all-inclusive template. For example, a language can never become universally accepted and used until a simple code is created (an alphabet) that can be learned quickly and used to almost limitless variation. The point being that the code becomes a simple set of rules that give complete freedom to the possibilities. The object, then, is not the be-all and end-all of the process but is simply a grounding mechanism that helps to give rise to infinite or limitless variation.

Picking Good Partner Doesn’t Require Thinking – Fish Prove


“…complex behaviour doesn’t always reflect a complex mind.”

Fish as good as chimpanzees at choosing the best partner for a task

Latest research shows that coral trout can now join chimpanzees as the only non-human species that can choose the right situation and the right partner to get the best result when collaboratively working. Continue reading

“… tattoos and piercings in college students are associated with significantly more risk-taking behavior, greater use of alcohol and marijuana, and less social conformity”


Participants with tattoos and/or body piercings were more likely to have engaged in risk-taking behaviors and at greater degrees of involvement than those without either.

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The Fatal Flaw of Atheism – The Myth that Religious Beliefs (Really, Just Statements) Matter: They Can’t


Atheist dogma presumes religious and other magical statements drive and direct behavior.  Brains science proves that cannot be true. Continue reading