Magical Thinking Probably Doesn’t Matter, of course…

The human cultural myth of a brain or “mind”, really just everyday language statements – mainly in academic English, is dominated by imaginary things. No less imaginary is the sense of self and the primacy of subjective, experience, consciousness, free will, emotions, etc.

Brain science is debunking these magical folk ideas at an increasing pace.

The essence of all magical thinking is the proposition of “Mind over matter.” That is an empirical question which has never been proven and disproven endlessly and “mind’ appears to be a myth as well. For example, no other species has it.

Nonetheless, while humans language contains mainly non-sensicial statements that refer to no-things – gods, fairies, wishes, self-help, etc – human behavior is pretty sensible. there are 7B+ of our species.

So likely magical thinking, really just everyday utterances claiming make believe things, are trivial and don’t influence behavior much, if at all.

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