Cognition Is a Silly Idea, duh

So, far there is nothing related to the brain and behavior that requires the positing of consciousness nor angels, or gods, or anything else or that subjective experience is meaningful. Consciousness is only needed to explain language, but that is circular since there is no definition of consciousness that does not require cognition be presumed.

So far, all domains of knowledge that are not evidence-based or “scientific” presume that subjective experience, as reported by everyday language, is valid describing how the brain works to produce behavior and how behavior is caused or “decided.”  This is a “cognitive” model of behavior and the brain.

So, carrying forward the Iron Age ideas of a soul/mind and dualism we see economics, philosophy and all the other disciples, along with pop culture (esp in the US),  assuming and trying to prove out the “higher-order concept” of a mind causing and guiding behavior.

This makes no sense at all.

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