“Traditional approaches for dislodging strongly held attitudes have proved stubbornly ineffective; numerous studies have shown that confronting people with information that challenges their beliefs often has no effect at all, or even strengthens their initial position.”


“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts.”


The good news is that facts are a lot more accessible with the web.  But our brains hate facts that contradict our beliefs and magical thinking.  There is an immediate fear response – fight and flight and freeze.

If we are talking about behavior, the best facts come from brain science.

Jerry Coyne and Why Evolution is True Get’s It Wrong again – duh


“…atheists don’t kill each other over differences in what we think our favorite deity wants us to do.”  We don’t know if religious speakers do either.  With all the “no free will research” – probably not.

This is scientifically irresponsible to claim:…”One of the biggest threats to our planet now is religion, particularly the extreme versions of Islam that are violently opposed to secular reason and society. ”

We just have imaginary claims and magical statements/verbal behaviors, we have no idea if they are causal of harmful behaviors – probably not.

No Such Thing as “Science” – Let Alone “Scientism”, of course….


The term “science” is just a naive and pop journalistic idea and term, cultural trope used to call out really just evidence-based research and knowledge.  Philosophers, who deal only with pop cultural ideas, terms and love name calling or labeling have jumped all over this for decades, including the work og Kuhn, which is apparently misleading. 

In fact, there is no uniform set of behaviors that can be generalized as a belief or behavioral system.  In fact, what we have is a series of specific sturies and the actions producing those studies, experiments.  So, when