“Generalized [brain reaction time] slowing characterizes aging and there is some evidence to suggest that this slowing already starts at midlife…already at mid-life response preparation is seriously declined…”

With increasing age cognitive performance slows down, including cognitive processes essential for motor performance.  Additionally, performance of motor tasks becomes less automatic and requires increased attentional demands in older subjects (57–75 years;

Atheists Get It Wrong Again…Personal Religious Beliefs Prob Don’t Matter, Are Cheap Self-Medication and Who Cares Anyway?

Firstly, with no free will a medical fact, what ppl say prob has little, if any influence on what they do.  Esp, when the statements involve magical beings, powers and beliefs, like a god, deamons, the tooth fairy.  Our magical minds ‘say” we believe all sorts of silly stuff – mainly silly stuff.  But human […]