Jerry Coyne Gets It Wrong Again and Again…#1: The Atheist’s Fatal Dilemma

Disclosure:  My comments have been blocked from the Why Evolution Is True Site from the beginnings pretty much.  Also, banned on many other sites and censored on Maestro Pigliucci’s site Scientia Salon, the master himself moderates my comments and requests for me to stop posting occasionally.  All in good humor.

Although I did make a dry ironic comment about JC’s shirt once, I just post on the latest brain science research I read.  That’s it.  I also ask probing questions of other statements.  I am direct and professional at all times, never an ad hominem or intemperate comment – wastes of time.

My experience is that website folks simply cannot tolerate the challenges to cultural and personal myths that just reporting brain research triggers.  The responses are immediate, hostile defensive and the default trio of denial, avoidance and disassociation.  As a pro communicator, in my day job, it is useful to me to see the dodges used to avoid anything serious about bilogy, mediciane, brain research, molecular matters, etc.  More on that below, or later…so much science so little time.

A recent blog post on the WEIT site displays some real problems with atheist statements.  FYI, I am a complete non-beliver in anything magical.  However, the post illustrate the core dilemma for the atheists and esp the public ones who never see the contradiction!?

1. Medical science has proven no free will or conscious effect on behavior – aka, words and language don’t matter.  Subjective experiences are probably correlated but not causal of behavior and epiphenomenal – aka noise.

2.  Yet atheists continue to take at face value religious statements and harangue believers using everyday language!? Atheists pretend religious words matter and influence behavior.  They can’t.  Duh…

Now, words/and language may matter but:

1. It hasn’t been proven experimentally

2.  It can’t given that all behavior is triggered in 140ms – no time.

3.  No animals have ever needed it.

4.  It is so cheap and easy to exchange, the information value is likely nil

The idea of taking at face-value when a suicidal mass murder says he does it for Jesus or the tooth fairy is simply unsupportable.  Then to build le ture series and get paid to stand up and say there is no free will but religious/magical utterances are an exception!?

Why would a seriously mentally ill person have ANY access to the process that causes their behavior, let alone report it accurately.  So, no free will is proven, medically, but let’s then let’s also set aside any “religious fanatic’s” explanations for their behaviors, shall we!?  Duh!

Lots more but let’s stop here……


4 thoughts on “Jerry Coyne Gets It Wrong Again and Again…#1: The Atheist’s Fatal Dilemma

  1. I don’t don’t care. I read as much as i can and try to post what tracks my readings. i don’t expect to get any take up for the research, mainly it helps me understand the research better.

    There is research to suggest that style “reasons” are actually part of a deeper unconscious fear response.

    Sites that block are best to stay off of anyway. Learning that MA white guys are so fearful of this information is useful. Sadly, the comment boards are controlled by conservative/scared MA white guys. Without policing, predictable.

    1. I’m agreeing with you and the research you have being trying to get accross to the public.

      And I may have being trying to help you get your point accross in a school marm style, sorry if you were offended, but I was only trying to suggest what might help if you want to avoid getting banned or have less post censured.


  2. The problem, as I see it, on Massimo`s blog anyway, is that you are using words in a very ambiguous fashion, and your syntax is often so confusing that your meaning is lost or that one feels there is no point in replying to you.

    Moreover, considering what I just said, your posts tend to look very much alike, giving the impression your are spaming threads with semi-coherent posts.

    Sometimes I think you say something that seems interesting but then it gets lost in the surrounding “stuff” you say.

    If you want to post, bring biological research up, and discuss stuff, I suggest you do it in a more concise fashion –and as an example of a more concise writing style, look at the style of any serious research paper you approve of.

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