Useful Thing for Philosophers to Do: Show How Pretty Much All Our Beliefs Are Wrong – Including Philosophy

What philosophers can do is stand between evidence based knowledge and cultural/personal beliefs/intuitions expressed in everyday language.  Philosophers can analyze the disconnects – just that alone is useful.  Maybe.  Worth a try. The medical facts are in.  Like all other animals, humans behave reactively, completely unconsciously and instantly – 140ms.  All subjective experience, including feelings, […]

Jerry Coyne Gets It Wrong Again and Again…#2: It’s About Ideas, NOT People!? duh

God lord almighty!?  The ad hominem fallacy is alllll over the “serious” blogs.  Philosophers ooze personal attacks gleefully and with full support of moderators….and atheists can sling the personal attacks well indeed.  What a complete waste of time.  We are talking about ideas – not people….PEOPLE!!??   duuuh… In a recent Why Evolution Is True post […]

Jerry Coyne Gets It Wrong Again and Again…#1: The Atheist’s Fatal Dilemma

Disclosure:  My comments have been blocked from the Why Evolution Is True Site from the beginnings pretty much.  Also, banned on many other sites and censored on Maestro Pigliucci’s site Scientia Salon, the master himself moderates my comments and requests for me to stop posting occasionally.  All in good humor. Although I did make a […]

Eco-System Determines “Personality” Behaviors and Social Structure – China Example

A new cultural psychology study has found that psychological differences between the people of northern and southern China mirror the differences between community-oriented East Asia and the more individualistic Western world – and the differences seem to have come about because southern China has grown rice for thousands of years, whereas the north has grown […]

“Chimpanzees have almost the same personality traits as humans, and they are structured almost identically…”

The research also shows some of those traits have a neurobiological basis, and that those traits vary according to the biological sex of the individual chimpanzee. “Our work also demonstrates the promise of using chimpanzee models to investigate the neurobiology of personality processes…The analysis showed that: the most fundamental personality trait for chimpanzees is dominance […]