“Science can save lives, but only if society lets it…Society faces lots of problems that science can’t yet fix,…But there are also plenty of cases in which scientists know enough to avert tragedy”


“Science” vs Supernatural Beliefs/Religion – Challenges to the Primacy of Subjective Experience


This is actually pretty simple.  The conflict is between the universal claim of the primacy of subjective experience and the fact that only intersubjective statements can be proven, are predictive and “work.”

It appears the human, and possibly animal, brain is hardwired for magical thinking.  Thus, random patters are given meaning and the world is filled with all sorts of agency even from inanimate and fantasy objects.  So, effectively everyone believes, or really just say they believe, in magic and the supernatural.  It is a human universal.

The basis for human magical thinking is the claim in “Mind over matter” or wish it and it is true.  Philosophy also makes the same claim as theology.   Continue reading