That Dreadful Strawman “Science”…ugh…

Use of the term “Science” is just a journalistic and pop culture way of referring to what scientists do.  In fact, there is no uniform behaviors in scientists.  What we are always referring to is actual studies and data that follow accepted principals of behavior…to wit…

  • investigations limited to the real world, the formation of theories about phenomena, the insistence that those theories be falsifiable through general agreement by rational people, and the idea theories should be parsimonious, invoking no more assumptions or entities than necessary to explain the observations.
  • all empirical claims are ultimately totally within the purview of science. That is, there are no “ways of knowing” other than through science,
  • it does encompass all knowledge; it is perhaps the case that anything that legitimately deserves the name “knowledge” really must be scientific, in the sense described above

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