The Business, Policy, Marketing and Brain Research Manifesto – draft

The Business, Marketing and Brain Research Manifesto principals include:

  • “define basic dimensions of target behaviors (such as buying, ad perceiving, consumption, etc.)
  • to be studied across multiple units of biolgical, physiological and medical analysis across species,

from genes to neural circuits to human and animal behaviors, cutting across current marketing models and practices as traditionally defined”.

We use subjective human experiences as our descriptive staring point, but don’t expect the genes, biochemistry and brain / body physiology to also fit neatly into those categories that we think and talk about and use to observe buying behavior with. (adopted from this article)

The proof for this disparity is laid out in front of us all as labels such as personality, cognition/thinking, decision making, consciousness, feelings,  which remain in the most part a mystery when it comes to aetiology, common biological signatures (including replicative work) and consequently generalised intervention options to predict and improve buying behavior and marketing functioning.

Note: I have adopted the NIH new biology and brain science approach to mental illness (Research Domain Criteria) to commercial application of brain research. 

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